A sweet                          gal who loves                        

and above all,






A sweet                           gal who loves

and above all, 




Q: When you're not photographing a wedding, what does your typical Saturday look like?

Q: If you could spend the day with anyone, who would it be and why?

Q: If you could live anywhere besides NC, where would it be?

Q: What movie can you watch over and over and never get tired of?

Q: If you won the lottery what would be your one random, off-the-wall purchase?

Q: What are some of your favorites?

Q: If you could be someone from Hollywood, who would it be?

Q: What are some things that make you YOU?

Q: Why photography?

Q: What sets you apart from
the rest?


A: Ohmigosh - because its the best job in the world! As a `that I just adore. Most people have a job but the lucky ones have a calling; there is no doubt this is what I was meant to do. Its about preserving life, love, and history. Photographs makes time stand still and are proof that our loves and lives existed in the first place. Its so important to capture those relationships and all the moments that make life so sweet - the real ones that tell my clients stories. Besides that, I love making my clients feel confident and beautiful, whether its a bride, a new mom, or a soon-to-be high school graduate. 

A: ME! I’m totally invested in each of my clients and their families. I get to know them on a personal level so they’re relaxed and totally real around me. That’s how I capture raw emotions and authentic images – whether I’m shooting a wedding, a family portrait, or a high school senior session. I always say, “You’ll come to me a stranger, but you’ll leave a friend.” Because of this, I’m also a dress-bustler, scraped-knee kisser, hug and high-five giver, tear drier, and laugh maker! 

A: Wow! That’s pretty easy. I’m spending it with my husband, Jeff, and my two dogs, Cody & Tate. Sometimes we’re doing absolutely nothing; sometimes we’re spending time with friends or family. If it’s summertime, you can find us at the pool, beach, or lake, and if it’s the fall, you’ll find us tailgating at Carter-Finley and cheering on our NC State Wolfpack in football. 

A: You know, there are a lot of famous people that I would have loved to meet – Fred Astaire (I’m a dancer), Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly…but if I could spend the day with anyone at all, I would spend just one more day with my grandparents. Oh how I loved them and miss them every day! They taught me so much about love and life. It’s because of them that I believe in the wisdom of our elders, that good manners will never go out of style, and that “pretty is as pretty does.” 

A: New York City – I’m a total city girl, so that would be exciting and would make me feel alive. For about a year. Then I would be ready to come back to the south, where the tea is sweet and the people are sweeter. It’s the greatest place on earth!

A: I’m a movie junkie so there are many! And they really run the gamut, from Wedding Crashers to the original Die Hard. But the one that I can quote from start to finish just proves that I’m a total sappy romantic at heart – Pretty Woman. Because, like Vivian, I always want the fairy tale! 

A: Hmmm…I think I would buy a shelter for dogs. I’ve never met a dog I didn’t want to take home if I could. My husband is afraid I’ll become like the lady who lived in a shoe one of these days. If I do, please make sure it’s a Manolo!

A: Vacation spot? White sand and blue water of the British Virgin Islands

Season? Football. GO PACK!

Food? The Carpetbagger from Glenwood Grill and chocolate Chess Pie from The Angus Barn

Color? PINK. Obviously!

Go-to outfit? Little black dress, great pair of heels and pearls

Actor and/or actress? Pierce Brosnan and Matthew McConaughey (and not necessarily due to their acting!) and Sandra Bullock

Singer? Frank Sinatra

Band? U2

A: Though I would never want to be anyone but me, I most closely associate with Audrey Hepburn. She had it all. She was stylish, funny, a tremendous philanthropist, beautiful inside and out, and beloved by all. All the things I strive to be.

A: My constant use of the word “y’all” – don’t try to tell me it isn’t a proper noun! And don’t think I won’t bless your heart. Because I WILL.

Wearing pearls with jeans and monogramming anything that isn’t moving

My belief that fabulous shoes make any outfit. And, in my mind, I’m total BFFs with Kate Spade, Tory Burch and Jimmy Choo!

Knowing that “football” is the best season and that you should choose your wedding date based on your college home schedule.

My love of travel! It’s awesome, but the best part is coming home again.

I think marriage is the great adventure in life and that there is nothing like being head-over-my-high-heels in love with my husband.

The things I